How to go from Slave to Gladiator to Freeman

You are a slavegladiator-victory. You found this place because you have sought out your freedom. You’ve sought freedom from the oppression that society has imposed upon you. This isn’t an obvious form of slavery but one much more passive where the chains are conformity to the path that you’ve been taught to follow your whole life.

  • First you go to college and pay huge sums for an ‘education’
  • Then you go and get even more education because your degree is not good enough
  • Finally after amassing huge amounts of debt you go out and find a job that has nothing to do with what you learned in the classroom
  • You work for 40 years, get married, go in debt on a house, car, and “vacations” then you “retire”.

I’m not saying all of this to depress you but to remind you of something, that you can be free. The irony is that the more that you pursue this path the less free you become. The further you go along the less choice you have to do the things that you love without being told what to do by someone else.

You have to go down a hard path to escape this slavery, you have to become a “Gladiator”. In ancient Rome gladiators often started out as slaves but were then sold to the Colosseum to be trained as fighters for the entertainment of the public, a public not too different than our own. Rome’s people were obsessed with pleasure and luxury because all of the hard things had been done for them, everything had been conquered, they were free to relax and be entertained.

The Gladiators couldn’t afford to live lives of luxury. Their days were spent training and fighting other gladiators and wild animals. They had one focus, to stay alive. If a Gladiator could fight well enough they would be granted their freedom. They were disciplined and focused because it was the only way to escape their slavery. They were in the midst of the cultural rot that Rome was experiencing at the time, they saw it from the inside and wanted to be free so that they could be their own men.

To escape conformity and mediocrity, you have to become a Maximal Man.

A Maximal Man is a man of strength, honor, and integrity. A man with a strong mind and a strong body united. Very few get to this level of personal development and few know even where to begin.You’ve taken the first step. Let us begin.

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