My Name is Brandon.

I created this website because I feel that I have something powerful to offer others.


I think that a person can and should get the life they want, if they’re willing to put in the work.

It requires, sweat equity.

There’s not entitlement here. We don’t deserve anything, we simply take what we earn, what’s ours.

I can help you with your website, your online business. I can be that guy that knows how to get something working, and if I don’t know. I know where to look.

I’ve been building websites for fun and profit for over 10 years.

I know how to get it done.

There’s just one catch.

I’ve been building these sites for money, trading my time and effort in for cash.

I’ve never truly benefited long-term from any of the projects I’ve worked on.

I want to change that.

Because, that’s just plain silly.

I have the technical know-how, why can I get a piece of the pie?

Why is it that most of your stories about online businesses are with people that have very little knowledge about the underlying technology?

Because us ‘geeks’  fall into one of two categories

  1. We don’t care enough to do it.
  2. We’re building something “bigger”.

I am building something bigger, but I wanted a platform. I wanted to create a way to express my ideas to a community that has shared values.

These are my values, if you don’t like them you can go away:

  1. Always be willing to learn something new.
  2. Be kind to those who deserve it.
  3. Keep your body and mind in shape.
  4. Be independent.
  5. Work hard.

Welcome to my Blog, Let’s get started Building.