10 Reasons your Job is like a Form of Slavery

escape-prison “I’m the luckiest man alive, I’ve got such a good job.” What do people even mean when we say “they’ve got a good job.” Does it mean they’re being paid a high salary? Some of the most stressed out and unhappy people I know make a lot of money at a job. Does it mean they get along great with their co-workers? Yea they might until someone new comes along who completely changes the group dynamic. Is it low-stress, easy even? I doubt you’re deluding yourself with this type of thinking but just in case you needed a reminder:

Here are 10 reasons you’re job is a modern form of slavery.

1. You’re made to do things you hate – Nobody likes doing things they hate.  Obviously we have to do things we hate in life to get anything done. Most of the time we should be doing things we like though.

2. You’re made to do things by someone you hate – You hate your boss. We know. You see his or her incompetency everyday and you wonder “how did this guy get where he is?” It’s especially humiliating as a grown man to have to be told to do certain tasks by someone else like you are a child and need to be constantly reminded. You’re smart enough to figure it out on your own but your boss wants you to feel like a one-armed, antisocial moron so that you keep coming back for more trivial tasks.

3. You don’t make enough money – No one ever makes enough money but especially when you work for someone else. That “paycheck” is calibrated to give you just enough incentive to keep working so you can barely cover your bills. When you work extra hard you hope for a raise or a bonus. Good luck with that. The most you’ll get is a pat on the shoulder “acknowledging all your hard work”. It’s a terrible cruel joke that no one lets you in on until you’re apart of the workforce. Slowly getting fatter and less motivated to do something better.

4. You’re coworkers are terrible – Oh god. Your coworkers are the worst. Well some are okay but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have any “friends” there. You don’t. You hate them all and would rather spend your time hanging out with a wild gorilla. You suspect they talk about you behind your back and you’re probably right. People are pretty shitty in that way. They have nothing interesting going on in their own lives so they have to constantly be inventing some drama to make things more exciting.

5. It’s boring – “Work” is boring. Why? You’re always watching the clock slowly waiting for it to get to that magical number, 5. But hey, don’t rush out too soon. You don’t want to seem over-eager to leave because you want your boss to think that you’re willing to go the “extra-mile” like you said you would in your interview.

6. You have to come up with a lame excuse whenever you just don’t “feel” like going in – Ever wish that if you didn’t feel like doing something you could just not do it? Well you can with a job. The only requirement is that you come up with a really lame excuse. Usually it pertains to you being sick in one way or another but much more vague. You don’t want your boss to think you have the energy to come up with a good excuse. We all have our “off” days but we’re especially prone to have them when we’re doing something we hate, like “work”.

7. All the value you’ve created is gone and you get none of it back – You may feel like you’re doing the bare minimum but I know that you’re working hard. The system is designed to make you feel inadequate so you never try to go for anything more. In your reviews your hard work is noted. You know all the stories about working some place for 50 years and then being laid off. They don’t value your value. Remember that form you signed when you got hired? The things you create don’t even belong to you the moment you create them.

8. Nobody cares if you work long hours, in fact they want you to be mediocre – You work so hard for them. Occasionally they might toss you a nice little (note ‘little’) bonus or a raise to make you feel like a true “company man”. But its the equivalent of putting the carrot in front of the donkey/ass. I’ve seen people stay until 7:00 every night for months and the most they get is the occasional gift card. Bosses learn a very important rule early on. You don’t give raises. You give gifts. For some reason this works well with humans. We’d rather take a $25 gift card to starbucks than a percentage of the value that we’ve created for the company with our efforts. Well not really but this is what you’re telling your boss when you don’t do something about it and go create your own business.

9. Your taxes are carefully done for you, because you’re slow – Taxes are hard. Even the people that create taxes don’t understand the full system. There’s two things in life that are always certain though and that’s death and taxes. When you work a job your tax burden is always over calculated because they want to make sure the government gets enough money. God forbid they didn’t get enough money. We might have to start laying senators off (haha). They think you’re stupid so that’s why they handle your taxes for you. Long ago companies realized that when you put a person in a job they become stupid, unmotivated, fat, and lazy. They figured they’d help you out by taking care of the taxes for you. But that’s your money. If you can earn it you can take care of it. You’re not slow. Fight the power.

10. You have to do it until you become old and decrepit or die, whichever comes first – Now that we’ve covered all of the basics of why you’re job is like a form of slavery, some of you are probably thinking “well this isn’t really like slavery.” The only part you’re forgetting is that you have to do this job your entire life unless you decide to make a change. Most people never leave the “comfort” of their job. They always know when their next meal is coming, no matter how measly. They will stay because they want the stability. Then 40 years goes by and they realize that it was a huge waste of time and they’ve gained nothing.

So here are the reasons that your job is like a form of slavery. You’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do with this information. Its simple, quit. But only quit after you have a “general” idea of what you’re going to do next. Use your off-time to start building something of your own. You don’t have to be a lazy unmotivated cow like the rest of them. You’re better than that. You’re reading this because you know that you want more out of life. You don’t just want to have a lot of money.

Usually when someone desires freedom so strongly its because they’ve been living like a slave. So, plan you’re escape.

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How to Maximize Success in Anything – Habits

success-businessmanThe one trick to Success is… understanding that there is no “One Thing” that will guarantee Success.

You have to be tenacious, audacious, determined, hard-working, cunning, and willing to take risks. There’s no one trait that you need to develop, they are a series of traits, a pattern that you need to align yourself with.

Pattern-Alignment: Is the concept that to achieve a specific result a thing needs to be aligned with the pattern that is most likely to get that result. The trajectory needs to be matched to the target.

The best way you can do this is starting out is by training good habits for yourself. If you want to do ONE THING that will GREATLY impact your life today, it is examining your habits and making changes for the better.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

– Aristotle

You will want to take some time to yourself to make a list of the ‘Hard Habits’ that you current have such as:

  • Going to work
  • Going to school
  • Working out
  • Making dinner
  • Hobbies

As well as your ‘Soft Habits’ such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Spending time with family
  • Fixing something that needs repaired
  • Personal finance activities
  • Reading
  • Entertainment

The difference between the two is that a ‘Hard Habit’ is one that you are most likely to do everyday or almost everyday. Whereas a ‘Soft Habit’ is one that you may only a couple times per week. Do not be tempted to leave anything out, include anything and everything, no matter how small you may think it is. Time is your greatest asset, and these are the ‘Debits’ on your Time Bank Account.

Next you will need to evaluate which habits you would like to discard and which you would like to do more often.

If for example you would like to spend more time with your family and less time going to work, you will need to find a way to accomplish the goal the result that ‘going to work’ does in a more time-efficient way.

This is where it gets interesting. This is where you get to start being creative and develop the lifestyle that you want.

Going to work is not necessary, if you have another source of income. If you can make the same income that you do from your job with only 25% of the same time invested would you do it? Obviously you would, who wouldn’t want to have more time for themselves?

In fact its not just time that’s being stolen from you when you go to your job, its your independence and sweat equity as well.

Having a job is never fun, even if its one that you ‘love’ because its never really secure and nobody likes being told what to do.

But let’s get back to the meat of the Success Formula that I’ve laid out for you.

If you want to drive yourself to Success, you need to fix your habits. You need to start waking up with a purpose. Usually the first habits to go are the entertainment ones and this is a very good place to begin. For example, you might stop watching so much damn tv. It does absolutely nothing for you. If you want to watch something to relax its better to watch a movie that you’re interested in or a documentary. Tv though is nothing more than a mass programming platform.

Find more productive ways to relax if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish. Do a hobby that simultaneously teaches you a skill or lets your get more exercise. Or if you’re really going to ‘relax’ really DO IT. Take the time to breath and allow your heart-rate to slow down, read a book.

There are a million things better than watching Tv for 5 hours a night or even 1 hour a night.

Change your habits, change your life. When you change a habit for the better you are realigning your pattern. Instinctively we all know which habits we should keep and which we should drop.

If you want the ‘easiest’ almost GUARANTEED method for success, its developing good habits.

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How to go from Slave to Gladiator to Freeman

You are a slavegladiator-victory. You found this place because you have sought out your freedom. You’ve sought freedom from the oppression that society has imposed upon you. This isn’t an obvious form of slavery but one much more passive where the chains are conformity to the path that you’ve been taught to follow your whole life.

  • First you go to college and pay huge sums for an ‘education’
  • Then you go and get even more education because your degree is not good enough
  • Finally after amassing huge amounts of debt you go out and find a job that has nothing to do with what you learned in the classroom
  • You work for 40 years, get married, go in debt on a house, car, and “vacations” then you “retire”.

I’m not saying all of this to depress you but to remind you of something, that you can be free. The irony is that the more that you pursue this path the less free you become. The further you go along the less choice you have to do the things that you love without being told what to do by someone else.

You have to go down a hard path to escape this slavery, you have to become a “Gladiator”. In ancient Rome gladiators often started out as slaves but were then sold to the Colosseum to be trained as fighters for the entertainment of the public, a public not too different than our own. Rome’s people were obsessed with pleasure and luxury because all of the hard things had been done for them, everything had been conquered, they were free to relax and be entertained.

The Gladiators couldn’t afford to live lives of luxury. Their days were spent training and fighting other gladiators and wild animals. They had one focus, to stay alive. If a Gladiator could fight well enough they would be granted their freedom. They were disciplined and focused because it was the only way to escape their slavery. They were in the midst of the cultural rot that Rome was experiencing at the time, they saw it from the inside and wanted to be free so that they could be their own men.

To escape conformity and mediocrity, you have to become a Maximal Man.

A Maximal Man is a man of strength, honor, and integrity. A man with a strong mind and a strong body united. Very few get to this level of personal development and few know even where to begin.You’ve taken the first step. Let us begin.

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